Kaohsiung, Taiwan by Nausheen Tareen

Taiwan Diaries

by Nausheen Tareen

The remarkable day and night room views from the 64th floor of the iconic 85 Sky Tower, a landmark hotel located in Kaohsiung at Asia's most potential New Bay Area. It is the most iconic international hotel in South Taiwan and boasts of an excellent location adjacent to the shopping district, KMRT, train stations and not too far from the Kaohsiung International Airport.
In fact, Kaohsiung is a wonderful city, newly built and beautiful infrastructure! The harbour views and super wide roads are all extremely inspiring. When in Taiwan, do make it a point to visit this Southern city and enjoy the variety this island has to offer. For businessmen travelling here for work, it is best advised to take their families along on their next visit. It will be one work vacation you wouldn't regret.

Taiwan City View Skyline

The hotel also has a View Deck on 85th floor that offer an unmatched view of this beautifully planned city.

What: 85 Sky Tower Hotel
Where: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lunch Update! 

Tasting the Japanese side of Taiwan. After all the Japanese did rule the country and left quite a mark. A yummy super sized bowl of meat Curry Soup Udon. Taiwan has amazing food options. From Indian to European to Japanese apart from mainland Chinese delicacies, there is something for everyone. Taiwan rightly calls itself 'Heart of Asia' for it indded is among the most buzzing Asian travel destinations.

Japanese Udon Soup China

Traditional Taiwanese Dinner

Chinese Food Table

Finishing the day with a traditional Taiwanese dinner with a huge variety of dishes from chicken with spinach & ginger, chicken with garlic, glass rice noodles with pumpkin, fried fish in sweet sauce, fried squid, steamed spinach leaves, steamed cucumber, fresh fruits to a hot-pot soup of chicken, cucumber, mushrooms and well... its claws as well! Tummy too full but still at it as it is a Taiwanese treat that needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. 

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