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Travel Like A Cricketer — Fun Team Tours

Travel like an international team with your buddies and play cricket matches at top notch club grounds
CricketYou have heard of fans travelling the world to watch live cricket action. But how about travelling as a cricket team to play matches in Australia, South Africa or England! Group cricket tours are fast emerging as the most popular travel activity that let's you explore a country and also play matches in top notch grounds. You get to play six matches under lights at local club grounds against local teams. The best part of this fun activity is that you need not be a professional cricketer to sign up for the trip or enjoy it.  Just collect a group of 14 friends — could be your office mates, college friends or just colony neighbours who you anyways play or workout with — and sign up for a tour. Sachin Khurana of Turf Sports Management has been taking cricket and travel enthusiasts on such tours for last 13 years. He has witnessed a sharp jump in people willing to combine their two passions — sports and travel.

The destinations are chosen according to local weather. So, Sachin will take a tour to England during the summer season in England while opt for South Africa or Australia during their hot weather. This works perfectly for travellers as well as these are the peak travel seasons of these countries too.
He explains that teams get to play six T-20 matches against local opponents, enjoy sightseeing and stay in club hostels. The teams travel in comfortable buses and are provided with top line customised cricket kits. The idea according to him is to enjoy the experience of travelling as a sportsman on such tours.
What: Cricket Team Tours
Where: Australia, South Africa, England
Duration: Usually 10 nights;
Minimum People Needed: 14
Contact: Turf Sports Management

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