Raasta Ride by Joy Singh

Restaurateur Joy Singh of the hip n happening hangout Raasta traces his travel memories with Nausheen Tareen from the buzzing music scene of Amsterdam, beer bingeing in Bruges and amazing food finds of McLeodganj…

Amsterdam has a buzzing social scene with happening events round the year.
My Last vacation was to Netherlands and Belgium with my wife. We took a Jet Airways flight directly to Amsterdam. It took us 9 hours to reach there from New Delhi.

Amsterdam Ahoy

Need I say anything more about this city! Amsterdam is one of the most chilled out and amazing places I have ever been to. Residents are very friendly and supportive.
It is simple, safe, beautiful, boasts of enchanting history and an extremely happy place to be at. It is incredible how a country of the size of Netherlands has produced such amazing sailors, best pilots and has rich cultural history with amazing attractions. It is welcoming, calm and relaxed.

Joy's Joints: "When there, please make sure you attend any kind of music festival happening in the city, as something or the other keeps on happening there all year round. Plus make sure you spend the weekend at Dam square as a lot happens there."

Amsterdam has amazing sights that exude a special historic charm

Belfry Tower, Belgium

Belgian Binge

If in Belgium, one can’t miss the city of Bruges. It is simply amazing and the view from the top of Belfry tower is not to be missed. You can see the entire town and things around it from there. And definitely try the impressive variety of beers available in both the countries.

"Frankly, all my vacations inspire me as there are many things you see on your international visits and get inspired to bring them back to your country. While travelling in India, you realise what a vast country ours is and you would love to fit all the amazing cuisines and cultures at your place. It would be wonderful to pack it all in one place."

McLeodganj Magic
McLeodganj, in particular has inspired me the most. The quality of food that you get there is amazing. It is still a passion driven industry and people take effort to cook and serve. It is not just about the money there, it is about the customers. Our food and beverage industry could learn a lot from there. We should always be known for our warm hospitality. We need to promote our passion more than staid offers.
Do try Belgian beers when there

Fondest Food and Beverage Moments

I never knew Greek food portions are as big if not bigger in size than our regular Punjabi portions. That was a revelation to me as one related European food to small portions. 

"The lasagnas and the enchiladas I have had at a cafe in McLeodganj was orgasmic. I still haven’t forgotten that." 

"I would actually stick my neck out and vouch for McLeodganj to be the food capital of our country."

While Amsterdam was an overall memorable experience, food wise it has to be McLeodganj.  You just have to try places such as Carpe Diem (Entire menu is to drool over), Moon Peak (For eggs) The Friendly Planet, Dharamkot (For Israeli food) and Trek and Dine for other cuisines. Most of the cafes there serve good food and almost all of them exude an amazing vibe. There is a relaxed yet happy charm about these places.

Raasta Diaries

I haven’t been to Jamaica so can’t say Raasta happened because of that. But reggae bars were an inspiration for my restaurant. Majority of all the shacks in Goa play Marley music all the time. Even cafes in the hills play the same music! That’s where the idea occurred for a reggae bar. If these places can do it so successfully, then I thought why we can’t do it in a place like Delhi or in other major cities. Inspired by these, we opened Raasta in Delhi and followed it with one in Mumbai as well. 

Goumtesh Singh, fondly called Joy Singh, runs popular lounge Raasta (Known for its reggae and dubstep music) in Delhi and Mumbai. He is also soon opening another concept space in Delhi named The Permit Room.

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