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Amin Ali

While on a stroll during our honeymoon, Nausheen and I thought why not start sharing our travel experiences with everyone as a blog or a website. Then came the realisation that we may not be the best travelled as some of our friends' passports are a bundle of pages full of immigration stamps from across the globe. They had actually seen it all and always had brilliant suggestions about making even a quick work trip into a memorable affair. We thought rather than make an ‘I, Me, Myself’ bragging blog, why not get them to share their positive travel experiences. We want to tell people what to do than what not to as reading ‘don'ts’ for us is just a waste of online space and our time. Thus, started our Facebook group Hop On and Hop Off.

We at Hop On and Hop Off love to archive ours and our friends' unfiltered positive travel experiences through pictures and write-ups. No long drawn 'avoid this' and 'don't do that' stories. We request you to just Hop On... Say it with a Pic... Hop Off.

Amin Ali

Amin is a journalist with personal interest in writing on food and travel industry, experiences and latest trends. He loves to explore new dining experiences and travels the world to try exotic cuisines. An English literature graduate, he lives by his favourite quote from the book Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh, ‘Stories are there to live in, it is just a question of which one do we choose.’ Not much of a budget traveller, he would rather save and spend on exploring what luxury means in each country on one lavish break a year than 10 budget holidays. Bitten by travel bug late in life due to constant prodding and nudging by his wife Nausheen, he is out to explore new sights and sounds and share his experiences. As they say, to share is to live the experience twice. This website is his idea of being able to tell a story that might be from last vacation but he may still be living it.  

Nausheen Tareen

Nausheen is a plant biotechnologist by education, a PR specialist by profession and a traveler by passion! Not just traveling, she loves sharing her experiences with her friends, family and now of course, you. No wonder her favourite quote is by Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” She has traveled far and wide across 4 continents (till now!). She has done pretty much everything from couch surfing, hitchhiking, flying business or staying in luxury resorts. She loves and lives for food and all food-related experiences from adventurous street food discoveries to fancy multi-course brunches and dinners. Travel for her is all about imbibing local language, culture and customs so that the destination gets etched in her mind and heart forever! And since she cannot stop talking about it, she decided to share it all with you here!

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