Movie World, Gold Coast by Nausheen Tareen

Gold Coast: Day One Fun — The Movie World

by Nausheen Tareen

We act uptight and curb the child in us. Guess what's needed is a themed extravaganza to live the kid in each of us. There is no better setting than Movie World in Gold Coast. Even though my husband and I were dating each other for a while before getting married, but to see child in him  — who will go crazy looking at Batman and freak out at the thought of going to a roller coaster — is something I hadn't experienced about him. It was the ideal start our Honeymoon needed. Be like kids and embark on a whole new phase of life unabashed and have no inhibitions — more so from each other.  

We landed after a 17 hour flight, sleepwalked though hotel check in, don't remember what we ate for dinner as we had to catch the coach to Movie World the next morning. Just a morning after landing in Australia, catching an early morning bus to go to Movie World was a task. Beating jet lag and getting used to the new time zone and most importantly the time tables needed adjustment. The pre-booked sit in coach transfer arrives on time and leaves within five minutes. We caught it in nick of time but the ones who missed it were... erm... only Indian couples. In the hindsight though, pre-booking the transfer was the most sensible decision we made.  Another sensible bit of planning was to book a multi theme park ticket that allowed us entry into various parks and we could have chosen which ones to visit when. For a smooth hassle-free experience, it is recommended that you ask your local tour operator/ travel agent to book your pick-drop and entry passes in advance. You can book them yourself too. A pass with entry to multiple parks such as Sea World, Wet 'N' Wild and Outback Spectacular is best advised.
Just one observation here for travelers: Having done all the bookings, do remember to carry the vouchers as well. Some we met had done their bookings but had no vouchers to show at the entrance of Movie World.

Family Entertainment Zone

Remember to buy a Movie World themed sipper and keep sipping through the day as you get to fill it for free with a beverage of your choice. Water is expensive in Australia! Drink Coke.

Main Street Entertainment

Grab the front row seat for The Batman v Joker fight. — Among the most popular entertainment shows
Once you reach the park, indulge the child in you and let loose. It is recommended that you pick up a map and also look up the schedule for shows through the day as this will ensure that you do not miss out on anything. The park is spread out into several themes such as Thrills, Kids Fun and Family Entertainment. There is also a food street with great munching options. Get to meet your favourite DC Comics' characters, pose with Scooby Doo, Batman and Tweety and enjoy the shows planned. The Batman versus Joker fight is a treat you shouldn't and wouldn't like to miss. A map available at the entrance with show timings comes handy here. It helps you plan your day at the park in such a way that you don't miss on any action. The park has a huge line-up of shows through the day like car racing movie making, Batman & Joker, Daffy Duck & friends, etc to keep you entertained all day long. Best is to park yourself in the middle of the main entertainment street and watch the action unfold. You will be jostling with kids for space here as everyone wants the best seat in the house. It a parade, a carnival where one after the other you see your favourite Superheroes strut down the main alley. One act after another keeps you involved through the day. A gaming center located on one side of the park gives the old-school feel of a carnival where you can earn loads of tickets and exchange them for goodies. Photo-ops galore. There are stores selling merchandise and props as memorabilia. The cape — Superman's and Batman's — and masks — again Batman and Catwoman (No surprise here) — seemed the most popular picks. 

HOLLYWOOD STUNT DRIVER 2: Watch the cars race, hear the tyres screech and smell the burnt rubber amid loud cheers

Thrill Zone

From Batman saving Gotham from Joker's men to Superman flying off with you, rides are crazy fun!
 Get your adrenaline going as you hop on to thee amazing roller coaster rides. There are some crazy fun rides such as Superman Escape, Arkham Asylum, Green Lantern Coaster,  Scoody Doo Spooky Coaster and Wild West Falls Adventure Ride.What sets these rides apart from crazy speed and bends are the themes these rides follow. The buildup sound and music effect before a ride actually get you in the groove and the ride turns out to be an exciting affair than a scary one. Be seated, belt up and wait for action to start. The voice tells you the city is under attack. The ride starts and just as you have goosebumps the superhero steps in and off the ride goes. Zip, zoom, hang upside down in air, enjoy freefalls and after crazy turns — all in a span of 30 to 60 seconds.

The shrills and shrieks give you goosebumps even before you hit the ride. But once in it, you realise, it was an unmatched experience!  
Hop On to a ride, enjoy the crazy turns and bends and Hop Off with memories to cherish for life.

A visit to Gold Coast would be incomplete if one does not visit the theme parks. Movie World is one of the most fun parks in the region! Located on the Pacific Motorway, Oxenford between Brisbane and Gold Coast, it is about a 25 min drive from Surfer's Paradise beach in Gold Coast. It was the perfect start to my Honeymoon Gold Coast vacation.


What: WB Movie World
Where: Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, Queensland 4210, Australia
Timings:  9.30 AM — 5 PM
Contact: +61 7 5573 3999
Tickets: Multi Theme Park Ticket

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