Gold Coast by Nausheen Tareen

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

by Nausheen Tareen

Surfers Paradise, one of the most buzzing suburbs of Gold Coast also boasts of one of the most happening beaches in Australia. While everyone's favourite is fabled Bondi beach, my personal pick will have to be the Surfers Paradise beach. It is buzzing and among the most vibrant spaces down under.  Any tourist visiting Gold Coast is best advised to opt for Surfers Paradise area as that's where all the action is. It has happening clubs, bars and cafes that stay open till late on weekends. 
Surfers Paradise beach is usually buzzing everyday.

It is also a perfect place to try various cuisines Australia has to offer. My first stop at Australia was Gold Coast and I got a fair idea of what amazing food options await me in Australia just by strolling in Surfers paradise. From doner kebabs, steaks and burgers to amazing variety of gelatos, there is something for everyone to munch on. 
While the beach is full of beach lovers on any given day, the beach is really hectic over the weekend. The tides are ideal for surfers and they frequent the beach from across Queensland. For tourists it is an ideal setting to laze around through the day and experience Aussie beach life.

Life guards keep a strict vigil from such pretty pickets across the beach. They are extremely pro active and keep advising people to avoid stretches in the beach experiencing high tides.

 The lane opposite the beach is lined with cafes and restaurants serving a global fare. From Greek, Italian to Iranian and Chinese — you name it and you will have that cuisine in Australia. There are also flea markets where local artisans sell knick-knacks and souvenirs. 

Tip For Tourists
Catch a tram to move from one part of the city to another.
While Australia is among the safest places to party, it is still advised to wrap it up by 1 am. You occasionally do get a people who can't hold their drinks and act funny. 
Surfers Paradise has a lot of beach facing apartments available on rent. 
If staying at a hotel close to the beach, try and opt for a sea facing or sea view room. Waking up to the sound of the sea is too good an experience.



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