Taiwan Tales by Nausheen Tareen

Food and Beverage Binge in Taiwan

by Nausheen Tareen
Food at a Traveller's Cafe in Taiwan
Here's a lunch update from Taiwan. We are enjoying a 'Traveller's Lunch' at a traveller's cafe up in the hills on the way to the beautiful Alishan mountain range. The cafe was full of small knick-knacks, travel souvenirs, bikes, local Taiwanese relics, herbal sprays which claim to be insect repellents but in reality their aim is to repel other humans!!! Yes you read it right. πŸ˜œπŸ™Š
And the view! Oh.. what a view! 😍 Shamelessly filled two plates with the local Taiwanese food from chicken, bitter melon, lamb chops, pickled onion salad, chicken soup, cabbage stir fried, leafy fritters, mixed vegies, spicy sauces, so on!
There's so much to Taiwan that any tourist can ask for. It is actually a gem tucked away that needs to be explored and enjoyed. And Taiwan is serious about promoting itself as a tourist destination. Their efforts at introducing a global fare to suit different palates is hard to miss.

Alishan Mountain Range

The rolling beautiful Alishan Mountain Range where we can touch the clouds floating by, the sky and mountains kissing in the distance and the famous Taiwanese tea gardens stretching as far as the eyes can see! This is the exact spot where the famous ‪#‎followmeto‬ couple clicked some amazing images ❤️ A beautiful afternoon spent at the award winning Sheng Le farms was a surreal experience where we plucked tea, understood how to process the leaves and finally observed the beautiful tea ceremony where we learnt more about tea-making, tea production and also how to make the perfect green, black and oolong tea. Loved it!

Beautiful Alishan Mountain Range

Local dessert find at the night market! 

Game for a dessert! You wouldn't want to end your meal without this sinful soft serve in a fish shaped waffle

Fruity Fun

Taiwan fruits
Few days in Taiwan and you will realize that fruits are such an important part of their diets! So much so that fruits are eaten with almost all meals and sometimes can pass off as dessert post the meal. Of course the huge variety and excellent quality of their produce, using minimum chemicals and artificial sweeteners, plays a very important part in developing this habit. Some of the popular fruits in the Alishan region include these huge mangoes, multi-colored dragonfruits, red bananas which look like banana and taste like apples, juicy succulent super sweet pineapples, yum melons, several varieties of papaya, the super rare and incredibly pear-like juicy wax apples which are actually a type of berry and are available in a range of colors! πŸ˜ŠπŸπŸŽπŸπŸ‰πŸπŸˆ The list is endless and features watermelon, red beans, oranges among several others but well tried just these today and loved them!

Local brews & local hues! 

Classic Taiwan Beer — Avalable in two sizes — L & XL
😈🍺🍻 Taiwan has a large variety of local beers which are easily available in the neighbourhood superstores. Pick one, walk along exploring the city, pop into a roadside food joint or the sit out chairs and enjoy the street food while watching the locals buzz along their daily lives! Easy-peasy ain't it 😎 This is the Classic gold medal beer available in 2 sizes — L & XL.
Your trip to Taiwan will be incomplete without sampling this iconic local brew by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. Despite availability of global brands, the beer still remains the best selling beer on the island. Chilled and frothy, Classic Beer completes and complements your stroll to the neighbourhood night market. It is always best advised to try local ales when touring and believe me, this Classic Taiwan Beer won't let you down.


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