Penguin Parade at Phillip Island, Australia

Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia by Nausheen Tareen

Penguin Parade Phillip Island
Daily waddle of penguins from sea to their burroughs is the biggest tourism attraction of Phillip Island. The Ultimate Penguin Tour ticket takes a group of 15 visitors to a secluded beach for an unmatched personal penguin experience (In Pic) Pic: 

Everyday thousands of tourists drive down from Melbourne to watch cute little penguins waddle their way from the sea to their burroughs. This daily wobbly walk post sunset is biggest tourist attraction of Phillip Island.
Summerland Beach is where the action unfolds. These flighless birds wade  through their daily night ritual of going from the sea to their homes. As they strut their way through the sand and rocks to finally reach up the cliffs, thousands of onlookers lining the boardwalk and the beach admire them with awe and affection.
Phillip Island is about a two hours drive from Melbourne. Since the Penguin Parade – as this daily activity is popularly known as – happens post sunset, you can time your start from Melbourne accordingly. I would suggest starting a bit early – say post lunch – to be able to explore and admire other tourist spots on your way.

Phillip Island
Walk along the boardwalks and soak in the scenery of Phillip Island.
Its usually breezy, do carry a light jacket.

The Nobbies Centre, an eco tourism destination at Point Grant, a western area of Philip Island is one such attraction.
You can enjoy a scenic walk on the boardwalks here and soak in the amazing views this place has to offer. Close to The Nobbies are Seal Rocks. These rocks are home to Australian fur seals and thousands of them can be seen resting on these rocks. You can watch these fur seals from the boardwalks. Their numbers start increasing from October onwards.  Those planning visit to Australia later this year should definitely include this as well in their plans to be able to watch thousands of fur seals going about their daily activities in their natural habitat.
Phillip Island also has a Grand Prix circuit that car lovers can stop by and see. After this was the turn of Koala Conservation Centre. Boardwalks take you closer to trees where you see Koalas doing what they do best - sleeping or eating atop tree branches.

If you are in Melbourne, it would be best advised to keep at least a day for Phillip Island. It is among the most scenic spaces in Victoria.
•Penguin Parade happens every day post sunset. Penguins can get late in returning at times so be patient. You would able to see small groups of penguins walk back around 8-9 pm.
•Plan your trip in such a way that you visit The Nobbies, Seal Rocks and Koala Conservation Centre during the day and reach Penguin Parade venue around sunset. Ideally reach 30 minutes before sunset as the place gets crowded and you may not always find the best viewing spot. We had booked Penguin Plus tickets that offered us the best view of penguins from really close. You get to sit on a platform right on the beach or watch penguins from close from a glass on the beach.
•Flash photography is not allowed and nor is shouting and whistling on seeing the penguins.
•It is usually breezy here. Carry a light jacket always.

Enjoy long walks and unmatched views on these boardwalks. 

What: Phillip Island
Where: Victoria, Australia. It about two hours’ drive from Melbourne.
How: We left Melbourne around 1 pm and returned close to midnight. There are various sit in coaches that run through the day. You can pre book these day tours in advance. There are options of personal guided tour from Melbourne as well. That allows you explore the island at your pace.

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  1. Can we book on the spot like a day ticket or prior booking is a must.