South Africa by Nikita Misra

South Africa Soujourn

by Nikita Misra

South Africa

Safari Experience: South Africa is blessed with a great wildlife and there are various wildlife reserves offering a glimpse of the same. The one I went to and would highly recommend is the Gondwana Game Reserve. Its a beautiful private game reserve having the BIG 5 (Lion, Buffalo, Cheetah, Elephants and Rhinos). The staff is super friendly and their lodges are extremely comfortable. Overall, an out of world experience!

Cape Town South Africa

Scenic drive across South Africa
Exploring South Africa: We had hired a car from Cape Town airport  and drove along the entire coast and would recommend everyone to do the same. The drive views are breath taking and one can never get enough of all the sights. Cape town is a very vibrant city and has a lot tourists coming from around the world and has a lot to offer.

Franscchoek is a small town about 1.5 hours away from Cape Town. It is a beautiful vineyard and I would recommend everyone to stay there for at least two nights. From wine trails to small quaint restaurants with amazing views, its all to die for!

Knysna is a very pretty town towards the end of the garden route and is full of natural beauty.

If anyone is up for some adventure, then Gorge Town right next to Knysna is the right place and is pretty much the adventure city of South Africa.

Travelled In: March 2016

How to Reach: It is a long flight and takes almost one whole day from New Delhi to reach South Africa but is totally worth it! I would highly recommend Emirates as it is a very comfortable flight overall. 

All bookings were done online through various search sites. Online reviews were the basis of our final bookings.

Places Covered: Cape town, Knysna, Franschhoek, Mossel Bay and Port Elazibeth

Tips: Only stay in BnBs as they are cosy yet fancy and most commonly available through out South Africa.

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