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Fashion designer Samant Chauhan says his each travel trip is a journey he wishes never ends. And when it does, he starts planning for next. He tells Nausheen Tareen that travel for him is a way to seek inspiration not just for his next collection, but for life.

I sincerely believe that traveling is a way to bring alive the real picture of a place you have read about. It’s incredible when you can envision all that you read about and imagined. There is a thrill I derive out of seeing new places as it brings out the inner child in me. This thrill is the inspiration for my travel plans.
Every Trip: A New Perspective
As a professional, travelling allows you to understand the culture, dressing and lifestyle of a destination. I am extremely interested in understanding the history of a place and how it has influenced its culture and its people. I take hints and small pieces that have inspired me and incorporate it into my own style. This is a way to broaden my horizons and see a new perspective each time I travel.

My Brand Rajputana Inspiration: Rajasthan
A pic from Samant Chauhan's album Rajputana

My most inspirational trip has to be a visit to my brother in Rajasthan in 2009. I visited many cities in the state and the incredible, rich history influenced my design aesthetic. This trip also inspired me to register my brand as Rajputana. In fact I even made an album on facebook titled the ‘Rajputana Trip’. This was the first of many trips where I explored rich culture, history and architecture, sourced ideas from around me and then started the design process. 

Most Memorable Destination: Australia
My visit down under to Australia has to be my most memorable destination till date. I saw many new places and tried a range of new cuisines. I still remember the incredible drive from Darwin to Kakadu National park which is true to its Australian heritage and culture. We camped our way through the park and barbequed at the camping grounds which was quite an amazing travel experience. The incredible food culture of Australia made it even more memorable with various tropical and local cuisines.
Travel: To Stay Inspired
My biggest inspiration for traveling is always the child-like thrill to see new places and meet new people. Every trip is a journey that you wish never ends and when it does, well it is time to start planning for the next! Ha ha. 

"Life is an ongoing journey and from each of these trips, you take back a piece of inspiration for your life and next project."

Last Trip: The US

Samant trying café Pink Hotdog in the US

There were several highlights of my trip to the US. But the visit to San Francisco’s Little Italy was the most memorable as we stuffed ourselves with authentic Italian Cuisine, my favorite. Also, in Los Angeles, I loved the Pink Hotdog. I had heard a lot about it over the years and it definitely lived up to all the hype. When in LA, Pink Hotdog is a must visit. The Cheesecake Factory also had some great food.

Fave Indian Destination: Rajasthan
One more click of Rajasthan by Samant
You already know about my love for Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, my personal favorite is Jaisalmer because of its rich, colorful history which they have kept alive and preserved till date through their lifestyle and architecture. I know so many people still living in old forts and havelis that make you feel like you have been transported to that era. Other cities have been overrun with new construction but Jaisalmer is still beautiful and preserved.

Chanderi: A Dream Destination For Lovers of Indian Weaving and Embroidery
If you are interested in Indian weaving and hand embroidery, then Chanderi is a destination worth visiting. The hub of Chanderi weavers can and should be promoted as a craft tourism spot due to its history and culture. I am sure tourist will flock to catch a glimpse of these talented weavers at work.

Samant Chauhan is a New Delhi based fashion designer who is known for his India inspired fashion collections. His work with local weavers has taken him places and won him accolades across the globe. For more about Samant, check his website:

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